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Navigating Bank Failures in Your Northern Florida Business Right Now

Memorial Day is next week. The unofficial start of summer. I hope you have some fun plans for the long weekend with family and friends. But before you take off, here are this week's thoughts…I like to remember that when things are unpredictable and even a bit hairy...

How the Bank Crisis Affects Northern Florida Business Owners

Now, I know that I recently started talking about the new FinCEN reporting requirement and promised a part two… which I’ll absolutely get to in an upcoming blog.But this time I wanted to take the opportunity to speak about the banking “crisis” that has a lot of...

New FinCEN Reporting Requirement for Northern Florida Businesses

We’ve been watching the unfolding banking “crisis” closely and evaluating what it means for our economy moving forward. Yes, seeing (numerous) banks fail can be unnerving, especially when the economy seems to also be careening toward a recession. The media,...

Smart Pricing Tactics for Northern Florida Businesses Right Now

Before I dive into those smart pricing tactics your business will want to implement right now, let’s revisit something I wrote about last week: planning for a Q1 analysis. Have you jumped on it yet? If you haven’t, let me just say, how well your 2023 shapes up could...

Leadership Development in Your Northern Florida Business

 Unless you’ve been living in a cave like this woman, you know that business ownership is a tough gig right now — it’s nearly an Olympic sport to keep things running and moving ahead. But, despite all that, being a business owner is also pretty great....

Prioritizing Employee Wellness in Your Northern Florida Business

It’s a bit of a dog-eat-dog world for businesses these days. (Feel that sentiment in your bones?)Inflation is pervasive. Supply chain issues still have you jumping through hoops to get products. The hunt continues for good help… proving the adage. Covid-era debts now...

Making a Plan to Reskill and Upskill Your Staff

Well, here we are — just like that, we find ourselves already a quarter of the way through 2023. While people everywhere are breaking out the deep cleaning sprays and scrub brushes to get a little springtime sparkle, you might want to be thinking about a similar...

What Northern Florida Employers Should Know About Employee Satisfaction

It happened: Silicon Valley Bank sold. Well, at least part of it. The bank’s deposits, loans, and 17 branches — scheduled to reopen today — were snagged by First Citizens BancShares, a Raleigh-based bank. (About $90 billion of assets still remain with the Federal...

The Why & How of Business Referrals for Northern Florida Owners

Firstly, before I jump into what business referrals could mean for your Northern Florida business, I wanted you to see this. Even though I don’t normally talk about tax stuff … the explosion of shady flim-flammers gaming the Employee Retention Credit and...

How a Continuous Audit Helps Your Northern Florida Business

My quick take on SVB: Don’t let it rob you of your focus for building the business under YOUR control.In other words, let noise be noise … and focus on what’s most important: your immediate world.But I will say that this crisis is a perfect example of why you should...

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