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ProActive Tax & Accounting’s 7 Keys to Lowering Shipping Costs

Shout out to Springsteen fans out there on the backstreets! Bruce and The E Street Band will embark on their first tour in six years next Wednesday in Tampa. To commemorate the occasion, here are my Top Ten Springsteen Songs (Modern Era - 2002 to present):10. Long...

Hiring a Consultant for Your Northern Florida Business

Coming to you on a very cold Tuesday, hoping that 2023 has been good to you so far. I just got back from a weekend at Rosemary Beach in the panhandle with my wife and one of our daughters from New York City and now I'm truly ready for tax season. Looking forward to...

Mastering Your Northern Florida Business Phone Answering

How is your year starting out? Hopefully better than TCU's…We’re into week 2 of 2023 … would love to hear back from you on what are the challenges you’re facing in your Northern Florida business finances right now. Relatedly, what are your customer service goals...

Accepting Crypto Payments in Your Northern Florida Business

First of all, congratulations on making it through 2022. Pat on the back for sticking with it through the very real ups and the challenging lows. Many of our Northern Florida clients went through the wringer … others had their best year yet.From a personal standpoint,...

7 Primary Tasks For Any Northern Florida Business Team

I don’t know about you, but after the holidays (and I hope yours were filled with good things and happy times with loved ones), I’m always a bit tapped out on the spending. But in true governmental fashion, Uncle Sam is piling it on. Seems like Congress missed...

Succession Planning Strategy For Northern Florida Business Owners

The 2022 clock is almost at midnight.An end to a still somewhat crazy year — “the crazy” seems like our new normal, post-2020, am I right? There were a lot of challenges this year and they were … exhausting. Keeping up with the changes and adjusting to the economic...

Porter’s 3 Big Tips For Entrepreneurs

I hope that you enjoy some peaceful rest this holiday season and are able to recharge for 2023!Ready for some yuletide cheer? No, I’m not just talking about my big tips for entrepreneurs. Inflation might have hit its peak this year. So say the “experts.” That...

Should I Extend Credit To My Northern Florida Customers?

Contrary to rumors you may have heard, I will NOT be entering the transfer portal or declaring for the NFL draft. I'm coming back for another year of Mighty Florida Gators fandom in 2023! 🙂 Hopefully, it will be a brighter year than the last two. On to this...

Porter’s Guide To Getting Tasks Done

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and had (or will have) sufficient time to rest and recover this holiday season. The theme of this week's post is efficiency but that is for when you are at work. When you're NOT at work, make sure to get adequate rest, so you feel...

Northern Florida Businesses choosing to live out of a place of gratitude

This week is an opportunity.To comfort ourselves away from the noise of our clamoring-for-attention society with good food and (mostly?) good company ... for sure.But also, to pause. There's not many opportunities for that as a Northern Florida business owner (without...

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